Advanced Material Technologies Corporation


Advanced Material Technologies Corporation is a professional company for all kinds of metal material, coating material, evaporation materials, sputtering target material, Foam Metals, functional alloy material and applied technology. AMT was built by a team of senior engineers. The team of AMT are very experienced in the field of evaporation materials, sputtering targets, Foam Metals, crucible liners and devices for electronic beam gun. Relying on the R&D strong support, AMT has developed many series of new material, which have been applied widely in such like glass industry, vacuum coating, magnetron sputtering, metallurgy, functional material, biological medicine. At present our customers are wide spread in more countries like U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea and Tailand, including some famous enterprises and institutions of domestic and foreign research and company. Advanced Material Technologies Corporation warmly welcoming new and old customers to inquire. Our main products: Evaporation materials:Al2O3;Cr2O3;Fe2O3;MgO;SiO;SiO2;Ti2O3;Ti3O5;TiO;TiO2;ZnO;ZrO2;AlF3;BaF2;MgF2;Na3AlF6;BN;Si3N4;ZnS Metals: Al; Cr; Cu; Ni; Si; Sn; Titanium Granule-99.6 to 99.9999%, Size is custom-made Sputtering targets: Al2O3;SiO2;MgO;Ta2O5;TiO2;ZrO2; Pure Metal Targets: Al;Cr;Co;Cu;Fe;Mg;Ni;Si;Ti;Zn;Zr Zirconium Plate/Strip/Foil/Tube/Rod/wWire Biomedical Materials: Nano Hydroxyapatite:12um; 20-60nm size β-TCP powder;0.5-15um, 96%; Application: food,toothpaste and artificial bone Foam Metals: Fe-Ni Foam;Fe Foam;Conductive Foam;Special Foam Nickel;Nickel Alloy Foam;Ag Foam;Copper Foam Application:Industrial Filter;Exhaust Filter;Chip Radiator;Li-ion Storage Battery;Electromagnetic Shielding; Ni-MH and Ni-CD Battery;Industrial Burners

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