Agro Products LTD


We are a trading company based in Kenya with main product being Sisal Fiber of all grades. We supply a wide range of products ranging from black pepper, sisal fiber of all grades, donkey hides, walnuts, juju hats, etc ,with due respect to international norms laid down for the cultivation and processing of such goods. Our clientele based are clients of different spectrum in life & we are ready to engage our clients in fruitful business conversation that will not only grow our market share but boost client's morale/enhance buyer's confidence as well. All would-be clients are assured of our commitment towards ensuring customers satisfaction. Our major commitment toward our clients is to reduce cognitive dissonance after purchases. That is why management is flexible and ready to offer great prices and quality products to you as a way of enticing you in becoming corporate clients. To therefore precede with the main business of the day which is having you as a corporate client

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