Akram Oil Limited sdn established in 1998, focused in the production, construction, and out-source processing for edible and non edible oils for production of bio-diesel. which has resulted in ASTM D6751 certified methyl ester. Today we have a pilot production plant in Kualar Lumpur that is established in Malaysia to develop bio diesel commercially. An indigenous edilble oil company with a oil plant in Malaysia. We are major manufacturer of edible oil such as, Biodiesel.canola oil/rapseed oil ,crude palm oil, nuts kernels, soybeans, soyameal, coconuts, Soya bean Oil and vegetable oil. We sell in metric tons for both large and small quantity of oils. We would be happy to do business with you and serve you the best prices and quality products. Attached here is our soft offer and procedure. Kindly proceed with preparing you letter of intent if you are good with our procedure. We hope we can discuss further to agree on a deal.

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