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Redhill Herbal Company established by Sri K.V.S. Rama Sarma and associates to bring natures natural wealth for the best use of humanity based on ancient Indian, Tibetan and Chinese Herbal Medicinal Scriptures written, particularly on Bio-friendly herbs available in Himalayan region of India. The vision of Redhill Herbal Company is to produce natural, side effect free medicine for today's life-style diseases like heart and cardiovascular problems in a cost effective manner so that they are within the reach of common man. Redhill Herbal Company believes in Healthy people for a Strong nation. Not opting for the route of manufacturing general analgesics. Redhill Herbal company has taken upon itself the challenge to confront vexing health problems of our generation such as heart attacks and AIDS.A prolonged and detailed  research has gone into the making of Arborium Plus TM ,. Arborium Plus TM is manufactured from rare herbs procured from Himalayas, which is undoubtedly the greatest repository of nature's gift to the mankind. Redhill Herbal Company believes that if the nature permitted frightening diseases to exist and spread, it also provided the solutions hidden in its extraordinary flora.Discovering them is painstaking and at times frustrating. What is Arborium Plus? Arborium Plus is an Oral Natural Herbal Solution for Non-Invasive Cardiac Heart and Stroke Management. This is a Proprietary Herbal extract manufactured by Redhill Herbal Company, Dehradun, Uttranchal, India. What are the ingredients of Arborium Plus? Arborium Plus is a mixture of Rhododendron Arborium flower juice and Seabuckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides fruit juice blended with suitable preservative. The Herbal formulation is rich in Anti-oxidants, Beta-carotenes, Flavonoids, Vitamins including C & E and Essential Minerals in natural form. What is the history of ingredients? The medicinal value of Rhododendron and Seabuckthorn were mentioned in ancient Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Russian Medical scriptures.

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