The Astrio Drinks opened its first storefront in Hungary during the early 2008 , so the energy drink concept seemed like it would be a good fit and it was! Astrio Drinks became well-known in West Africa, Middle East, Asia , Europe and some parts of America where most for being different and having energy drinks you couldn’t find anywhere else like Cocaine, Hunid Rack’s Hustler’s Mix, Power Horse, Lost. Mac Dre energy drink.. and many other that have come and gone! In the years since those early days, The Astrio Drinks has grown to have the largest selection of energy drinks , soft drinks, whisky , beers and much more on the planet and we are adding more all the time! Our current Intergalactic Headquarters is located in Hungary Europe . We strongly recommend that all consumers read the product labels for directions, warnings, and ingredients before they try a product!

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