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Dinesh Audhumbar Dange Jyotish Bhushan – Vedic Astrology / Indian Astrology , is pleased to present his one more new Website with an overwhelming support, suggestions, approach, guidance, demand, success and deep desire of his clients worldwide, in last so many Years for whom he resolved their Problems & Issues, has advised him to develop another Website and encouraged him to go one step further to reach every corner of world. So he can share his vast knowledge and experience of Astrology and Occult Science and Other Branches and Sections of Astrology which are rarely taken in to consideration and practiced and are still untapped. In his last 25 years of research, scrutiny, analysis, predictions and providing solutions has given him more and more insight on how to resolve matters and issues faced by the community irrespective to caste and religion. For this, all credit goes to his Guruji, who more than 25 years back guided him, taught him and made him understand the Human Values, Importance of Astrology and Its Various Branches and Sections of Astrology. More importantly, his Guruji made him to understand the suffering faced by Rich and Poor; Young and Old. This Website of Dinesh Audhumbar Dange Jyotish Bhushan is dedicated to his Guruji and the Clients who helped him to grow in this sector of Astrology. His share in all this is nothing because whatever he learned from his Guruji and the Clients visited to him for Astrological Consultation, Guidance and Solutions has taught him a lot which he won’t have been here without them. This really makes him proud that he is able to resolved problems, sufferings from his Clients Life. This is real achievement. Only monetary gains are not the concept behind this but to help society to make them live better life than before. When he see happy faces gives him motivation and strength to go on and on for betterment of Society. Being a Jyotish Bhushan in Astrology and Astronomy, Horary, Medical Astrology, Total Horoscope Management, Gemology, Numerology, Spiritual Science, Business Astrology, Career Astrology, Finance Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Business Branding & Guidance to all Sectors and Sections of Cast, Community, Religion with Humanitarian approach with an aim to reduce the suffering who has ask for his help. Moreover, more than 25 years of experience in Astrology and consultation services to Clients all over the world has also helped him to understand various issues and solutions according to it has made him happy to see them growing in wellness which is ultimate satisfaction for any genuine Astrologer. Astrology is not a magic or business of predicting one’s future; this is also a science like physics or chemistry, it is a science which is evolved by our ancient sages. Astrology can be defined as a study of the positions of celestial bodies in the belief that their movements either directly or indirect Influence life of earth. Astrology helps to look into past, present and future of any human being. With the help of this science one can look into his day to day incidents and can have remedies for it. His intensions behind this website is not only to resolve problems but also to educate the community with Ancient Astrology; Indian as well Western, Methods, Means, Branches, Sections, Etc… to reduce their sufferings Physical, Mental, Financial, Business, Career, Match-Making to Vastu Shastra and many more. Apart from Astrologer He is Post Graduate in Engineering from India’s Top Institute of Technology, Bombay that also more than 25 Years back. At the same time He was taking lessons in Astrology and appearing for Jyotish Visharad & Jyotish Bushan Exams for Bombay University, while passing Graduation & Post Graduation in Engineering. Apart from this, holding Top Management Position in a Multinational Company also helped him to understand people and their problems all around the globe. This has been added advantage to him. He has travelled every corner of World and tried to understand and resolve their problems with proper guidance. Apart from these he work with the Business Men’s and Various Business Sectors, providing solutions ranging from Logo Design to Colour Selection to Branding to Company Branding, which helped his Clients, achieve success in their endeavors. He also provided educational guidance to help students to make correct choices in their higher studies and specializations and to improve their career prospects. His advice has helped many families in resolve issues related to Pre-Marital to Post-Marital problems to Child Birth with the help of study of Horoscope Management and providing solutions through Astrology and its other Branches. As a remedy he has advised many clients to wear Gemstones Ratnas , Rudraksha Beads etc. for prosperity and upliftment in their Lives. Yantras and Mantras and Tantras also were advised to avoid obstacles in their lives.

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