AutoPack Co. Ltd.


We develop and manufacture high accuracy and good quality automatic coding, filling, capping, labeling machine and tablet capsule counter with PLC control system for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries around the world since 1998. Innovation Providing customers with quality and innovaton drives us moving forward developing the higher standard machine. Profession Having the best team with professional skills and technologies to achieve perfection. our dedicated and experienced engineers are triving for enforcing the funtion of all the Packaging machines. Customer Satisfaction With high performance and top quality, we provide affordable price to reduce customers burden. Customer service is also one of the paramount company goals with special emphasis on reliability, on-time delivery, operator instructions. Quality We only believe in offering qualified and guranteed machine could lead us a way. Looking forward the future Continuing to stun the competition with new machine models combining methods and systems at the cutting edge of today's technology is our goal for the future.

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