Bodytreats Australia


Bodytreats, established in 2003, is an Australian company dedicated to creating natural beauty products, each one with a benefit to the skin. We have formulated a line of natural body, bath and waxing products, perfect for home use as well as a range of professional beautician supplies for the beauty therapist. For the beauty industry we have also developed a range of the latest formulations in waxing products and body treatments as well as supplying the essential products needed for the everyday working salon. And we are famous for our innovative Hot Wax Cubes - pre cut into small cubes makes using our Hot Wax a breeze! For the hotel industry we have designed an affordable range of hotel guest supplies which is available in either our premium all Australian made Bodytreats Range or our classic botanical Australian Native Range. Now available through our website, you can buy in bulk by the box and have delivered straight to your door for total convenience. We also offer a white label or private label service which enables our customers to have a high standard of product made exclusively for them with their own label.

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