Bonfils Automation Technologies Private Limited


Bonfils Automation Technologies Private Limited is a startup tech company located in Chennai. Bonfils has specialization in the manufacture of PLC Automation Control Panels, PLC & SCADA Control Panels, VFD Drive Panels, MCCB Distribution Panels, MCB Distribution Panels, MCC Panels, Bus Bar Panels and Control Desks. The company has expertise to cater to the needs of following sectors - Assembly Machines, Automotive, Boiler Control, Cement, Chemical Processing, Foundry, Glass, Material Handling, Pharma, Power & Energy, Renewable Energy, Steel, Sewage Treatment, Textiles. In addition to this, Bonfils is also in the field of reconditioning, refurbishing, retrofitting of used machines with the latest automation products. The Manufacturing Division uses the optimized production technology, “Star Optimization Model” , a model developed through several years of research. Research and Development Division Supports the Manufacturing Division in the consistent decision making process and in the development of customized products and solutions. Also this division is responsible for design and development of curricula of various courses being offered at Bonfils. The curriculum developed through our Research and Development Division is delivered to employees and students to upskill their technical knowledge. Our training division collaborates with Robosapiens, a Delhi based Company which is ranked among Top Training Institutions / Education Centers and Graded among India's Most Trusted Service Brands. Bonfils has created a library of nearly 300+ project profiles that contain complete information technical, investment, financial workings, supplier information etc. to support budding entrepreneurs. Trained and skilled engineers and software programmers with expertise on various automation products and applications are the assets of Bonfils. Bonfils also provides e-mail Marketing Automation on Cloud.

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