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30kw suspension type CCD DR

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14 Dec 2016
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Product superiority

1st, researches and develops the CCD detector independently, the technology is mature, the performance is stable, the service is convenient;

2nd, the image formation was several times quick, exposes the latter several seconds image formations, the image is clear, radiates lowly;

3rd, the high stable oil cold -like combination bulb, had achieved the international advanced level, guarantees the ultra long time image gathering;

4th, uses the double filament bifocus design, the guarantee image clarity and the useful life of equipment;

5th, the rack uses the electrically operated control operation to be convenient, has guards against the collision system safely, the stability is reliable;

6th, suspension rack, but the free-swinging pendulum position, does not have the dead angle nimbly, the photography body posture compares the U arm and the UC arm are more;

7th, the high quality high pressure producer, the frequency reaches 66KHZ, guarantees high grade X;

8th, the integration imagery processing software, the ease of operation, the function is complete;

9th, may match DICOM3.0 the standard the PACS system, realizes the non-rubber work, information sharing, the long-distance diagnosis;