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Political Map of Slovakia

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Slovakia is a democratic republic in Central Europe, which is landlocked, sharing borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary. Slovakia covers an area of 49,035 square kilometers (18,932 square miles). The capital and largest city of Slovakia is Bratislava. Slovakia\'s population of about 5.5 million is made up of mostly ethnic Slovaks (making up over 80 percent), along with a large minority of Hungarians and other groups. The official language of Slovakia is Slovak, with Hungarian and Rusyn spoken in parts of the country. While there is no official religion on Slovakia, over 60 percent of the population are Roman Catholics, and several other Christian denominations are also represented. The Slavs have a long history in the region, migrating there beginning in the fifth century. The region that is now Slovakia was part of various kingdoms, including Samo\'s Empire, Moravia, Hungary, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and eventually Czechoslovakia in 1918. On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Slovakia is now a significant country in the European Union and NATO, and features a strong economy.

Geographical Map of Slovakia

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Much of the Slovak Republic is mountainous: the High Tatras, the Low Tatras, Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra. The highest peak is Gerlachovsky in the Tatra Mountains. The River Danube forms a natural border with Hungary. Other rivers include the Vah, Hron and Nitra. Bratislava is the capital city. Other cities include Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Levice, Levoca, Nitra, Piestany, Presov, Trencin and Zilina.

Resource Map of Slovakia

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Mineral resource map of Slovakia