Crystal Singing Bowl


Crystal Singing Bowl /Crystal Bowl/ Complete sets of Crystal Singing Bowl sale- 8 inch+ 10 inch +12

Crystal Singing Bowls have an extraordinary sound, which is not the same as the Tibetan bowls made of metal. Contingent upon the size and thickness of the gem bowl, it will make diverse notes. Gem bowls are prestigious worldwide for their capable reverberation and capacity to tune the vitality of the body at ideal frequencies. Get more information ,please visit our official website :

Frosted B Crown Chakra Purple Color Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 12 inch $205.00

In ancient times, such bowls were made of metal. Now we also have crystal singing bowls. The healing power of rock-crystal bowls is particularly notable. It is believed that rock crystal accumulates clean solar energy, which can harmonize the entire body by passing a flow of fresh energy through its cells. This energy flow affects all body organs, and especially those that are “related” to the sun: heart, plexus, back and eyes. Crystal Singing Bowls have a unique sound, which is different from the Tibetan bowls made of metal. Depending on the size and thickness of the crystal bowl, it will make different notes. Crystal bowls are renowned worldwide for their powerful resonance and ability to tune the energy of the body at optimal frequencies.

Yellow Color E Solar Plexus Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 14 Inch $225.00

Crystal Singing Bowl Set–Including highest quality pure quartz crystal singing bowl,a Rubber base ring for the bowl to sit on and a rubber mallet tool, materials on how to use the bowl, music sticker. Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, have amzazing, clear, deep, and rich vibrational resonance with the power to Heal! It is a great tool ,for crystal singing bowls therapy