DairyCo LLC - dairy ingredients


Skimmed milk powder

Skimmed milk powder, medium heat. Protein level min. 35% Moisture max. 4% Fat max. 1,5% Worldwide shipping. Possible monthly volume - 1000 tons. Packed in paper bags with poly inner liner.

Acid casein

DairyCo LLC offers acid casein, milled 30-60-90 mesh or in granular. Protein contect (d.b.) min 94,5%. Casein is shipped in 25kg branded or regular paper bags. Worldwide shipment. Please contact for more information.

Fat filled milk powder 34/28

Fat filled milk powder is cheapen adaptation of full cream milk powder. Fat filled milk powder is produced by adding vegetable fat into skimmed milk powder with an aim of reducing final product price. Fat filled milk powder is tailor-made product according to customers specification. FFMP is supplied in 25kg paper bags, big-bags or other packing upon request. Please contact for detail information.

Skimmed milk powder mixtures (powder blends)

DairyCo Ukraine offers low protein milk powder blends with different protein level content, according to customers request. Low protein milk powder mixtures are concidered as econom adaptation of regular skimmed milk powder. Protein level in given product may vary from 13% to 30%, according to customers demands. Our milk powder blends are shipped in 25kg multiply paper bags or big-bags. Other packing option same as privat label is possible. Shipped worldwide. Please contact for more details. DairyCo Ukraine

Sodium caseinate

Sodium caseinate from DairyCo LLC, Ukraine. Packing - 25kg multiply paper bags branded or not . Other packing option and private label is possible. Sodium caseinates are being exported worldwide. Payment terms negotiable. Please contact for detail information. DairyCo LLC Ukraine