Digital Spine Medical


Why Digital Spine Medical ? Digital Spine Medical is one of the leading company in the Thermal Massage Beds, Healthcare & Medical Equipment .Digital Spine Medical is the company to introduce Super Thermal Massage Bed that contains super natural Jade stone. Jade Stones emits Far Infrared Rays when heated , Far Infra-red heat penetrates deep into the body up to 10 centimeters and gives ultimate benefits to the human body. it gives benefits of acupressure, massage , far infrared rays, moxibustion, chiropractic, negative ions etc. Gives a superlative massage Reduces tension and stress Improves blood circulation Burns calories and helps to controls weight ,Removes body toxins Relieves back, neck and leg pain Boosts your immune system.Loosens muscle & joint tightness Fortifies cardiovascular system Increases lymphatic flow Promotes healing and well-being Reduces inflammation and infection Restores proper spinal alignment And much more!.

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