Dongguan GLT Fastener Company Limited


Dongguan GLT fastener co., LTD.., established in 2007, is located at No. 6, Shunxing 3rd Road, Second Industrial Zone, Dajingtou, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The company is specialized in the production and sales of Open End Blind Rivets, Closed End Blind Rives,Multigrip Blind Rivet,Speed Rivets,Pull-Thru(PT)Blind Rivets, Rivet Nuts, High-Strength Fasteners, Pneumatic Riveting Tools and various fastener products. The company continuously introduces advanced technologies from Taiwan and Europe and the United States according to market demand, and develops a variety of special-shaped fasteners with strong technical force to provide long-term professional services to manufacturers and production and sales organizations around the world.

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