DVNGROUP a leading Diamond Studded & Plain Gold / Platinum Jewelry, & 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, as well as Fashion & Imitation Jewelry plus all kind of Findings manufacturers. Our manufacturing operation consists of four deliberate units spread over 78,200 sq ft at Suburban zone of Mumbai, employing a dedicated work force of over 786 skilled workers having an in-house production capacity of 360,78,000 pieces per annum. Moreover comprise numerous contract based freelancing factories for more support for the additional production strength. Our sophisticated infrastructure is exploited with state-of-the-art equipment and technology; specially trade in from Germany and Japan to fabricate a variety of machine-made and hand-made costume jewellery. We are specialized in producing 925 sterling silver jewelry CZ studded or plain jewelry manufacturing, like rings / earrings / pendants / bracelets / bangles / necklace etc. We can develop bespoke jewelleries, and all kind of designer styles as per clients given instructions. We can also produce hand & machine made Findings locks & Links, Lobsters, clasps, as well as brass / copper / gold plated both handcrafted & machine crafted bangles. Focused in large quantity production of beads / brass / stretchable wire bracelets, beads necklace etc An efficient in-house product development team uses the best technological support services such as CAD/CAM, to deliver strikingly beautiful jewellery which captures the essence of contemporary and traditional designs, and has rich experience in producing designer fashion costume & imitation jewellery. With the standard product development team for the perfect quality guarantee, & market research and development designed for us to be modernized as per international standards. We are strongly focused about market expansion, having a track record of developing contemporary designs that cater to a client's specific requirements across all product categories. DVNGROUP !! Where Quality Counts First!! H.O - 23/24 Pranik Gardens Above HDFC Bank, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivli west , Mumbai 67. India Unit 153, Opp Saraswat Bank, Sector 3, Kandivli west Mumbai 400067, India. Tell: +91 22 642 029 82. Cell: +91 9819 110 826. Fax: +91 22 - 2862 78 31. URL 1: http://www.DVNGROUP.org - Email 1: contact@DVNGROUP.org URL 2: http://www.jewelcreators.com - Email 2: contact@jewelcreators.com URL 3: http://www.jewelryunit.com - Email 3: sales@jewelryunit.com

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