Eric India Agro & food pvt ltd


Eric India Agro & food pvt ltd company with advance technology in the field of Pharma, Food ,Dairy Industry. We mainly concentrate on following products-Milk Protein Concentrate-80%-90% under our brand name , Protein Supplements-Soya Protein Isolate , Whey Protein-35%,80% under our brand name , Casein Protein & Salts of Casein CaCnate,NaCnate and Yeast Extract product being strength of us. Our Customer centric approach based by a deep scientific knowledge offer comprehensive solution which help accelerate research & diagnosis. We strires to become the partner to the scientific & research community products, also valuable application specialist knowledge to facilitate our customers meet their research technological objectives. Foster a friendly honest & professional operating environment recognising that people. Our company’s, our clients & supplies are way to our success. Careful inspection is carried out at all critical stages so that the final product is highly effective & reaches the client in perfect shape-size.Customers satisfaction to be the core motto of our company.At Eric India Agro & foods customers can be assured of Quality Safety and Reliability. Protein/Dairy/Food Products-Whey protein- 70% 80% and 90%. Milk Protein concentrates 70%, 80%, 90% . Nutritional Dietary Protein with DHA Also helpfull in Pregnancy Casein Protein Egg Protein, Calcium/Sodium Caseinate, Calcium Propionate Food Product-Ghee,Namkins Bhujiya ,Yeast Extract Agro & Animal grade Products-Guar Gum,Calcium Propionate,Amino Acids

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