ETW Cycle Engineering & Supply Inc.



The SKUBY’s kids’ version is more than just a normal bicycle – it grows as your kids grow. This means children can have fun with it for longer, and it’s easier on the ride too. From about the age of 3-1/2, children can use the bikes as scooters. Once they’ve had enough of balancing the bike along and want to push the pedals properly, the junior SKUBY can be transformed into a child’s bicycle by simply mounting himself onto the seat. This means that six years olds can enjoy the pure riding sensation too. A strong tubular steel structure ensures optimum safety. The seat adjusts to match the owner’s growth, suitable for ages 3-1/2 to 9-1/2 years.


While a large part of the world family believes that bikes are just transport machines and another thinks that bikes are sporting goods – it is new acceptable, beyond the circles of real aficionado’s, to see bikes as an individual fashion statement. And what better symbol of the good times that a nice, nostalgic cruiser bike to take a spin after-dinner, maybe have a coffee at an outdoor café – no hurry, no worry. Take it easy, that’s what these bikes seem to say.