Ewings International


www.ewingsinternational.com mail us : info@ewingsinternational.com Building a winning organisation means fostering a culture that consistently drives performance towards our vision and delivers on promises. we look forward to working with our esteemed clients to accelerate change in Overseas Market and to create an environment that improves the future of all. We are Catering the ropes product to Marine and shipping industry ,Transport industry.Dealing in HDPE ropes, PP ropes, Fishing Twine, Baler Twine and Dan line Ropes , Commercial Ropes.Polypropylene Ropes 2 mm to 44 mmPolyethylene Ropes 2 mm to 44 mmFishing Twine 380 Denier-15 ply to 120 plyBaler Twine 10000 to 100000 DenierSpool Weight :0.250,0.500 /0.750 Gram & 1-2-5-10 Kg Dan-line Rope 2 mm to 24 mm

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