Feichang New Energy


Emergency light

Magnesium-air battery powered LED light, could be activated by any kind of water in 10 seconds and keep lighting for more than 72 hours.It is small, light & portable, easy to operate, quick in response, environmental friendly and harmless to human body.It could be stored on dry and vacuum packing condition for 10 years without capacity loss.

Water Activated Santa Lights

It is composed of fairy lights & Santa house in which there's the core component called magnesium-air batteries. When use it, dip the house in water for about 15 seconds, then it is activated and will supply electricity to fairy lights. It has so high capacity that can supply the power continuously for more than 20 days for one dipping. We can dip several times, the total duration could be more than 60 days. And it can be stored at dry condition for 10 years without capacity loss.