fleet management software

fleet management software
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Fleet management software help fleets to improve efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. It provides you -

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Traffic Information

Nearby vehicles to a particular location, can help you in assigning jobs and vehicle breakdown cases.

Share real time ETA with customers

Filtering options to show assigned or unassigned vehicles

Trips Management

Unlimited trip history

Trip playback on map

Trip analytics on day or week or month basis

Vehicle Management

Complete snapshot of vehicle’s performance

Get notified for service reminders, i.e engine oil change, tyre change, hub greasing etc.

Get notified for compliance reminders, Fitness, Permit, Pollution, insurance etc

Driver Management

Assign a driver with a vehicle and contact immediately in case of emergency.

Driver Behaviour Analysis e.g : Hard acceleration, hard break, Fatigue Driving etc

Overspeed violation, Idle Time analysis

Get notified for documents Renewal Reminders e.g : Driver License etc.

Group Management

Why to share the information of vehicles to someone if the vehicle is not running for them. Create a group and only move those vehicles in the group which are running for a company or person and share it with them.

Time On Site

Figure out the unauthorised parking duration of the vehicle at unauthorised locations.

Issue Management

Create Issue in the system and assign them to concerned person and track the due date.

Unlimited Reports Download with Daily Summary on email