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high pressure volumetric adsorption analyser for measuring LaNi5

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H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption volumetric principle analyzer introduction

Gas sorption analysis is important in many fields of materials, such as energy storage materials, improved catalysts for petrochemical processing, advanced pharmaceuticals and food industries. At present, there is tremendous interest in the development of innovative materials for the transition to renewable energy. The science of gas sorption has become particularly critical in the advancement of materials for storing fuel gases such as hydrogen or natural gas, as well as for sequestration of greenhouse gases.

The H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas sorption analyzer adopts the volumetric technique principle which consists of dosing a known amount of gas adsorptive into measurement tubes where lying samples such as zeolites, carbon nanotubes, rocks, catalysts, activated carbons, molecular sieve, hydrides etc. to be analyzed. When samples reach equilibrium with the adsorbate gas such as hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, krypton etc. , detailed and comprehensive final equilibrium pressures will be recorded automated by Gold APP Instruments company dedicated and patented software. These data are used to calculate the quantity of gas adsorbed by samples. This measurement procedure automatically repeated by software under given temperature and pressure intervals until finalized the maximum preselected pressure. Finally, each of the equilibrium points’ volume adsorbed, equilibrium pressure, absolute pressure etc. data are plotted to produce the isotherm. By using the isotherm data, operators can calculate further more information such as Langmuir fitting isotherm, the adsorption rate curve, PCT pressure-composition-temperature or PCI pressure-composition-isotherm curve etc.

Pressure-Composition Isotherms PCI and Pressure-Composition Temperature PCT is one of the most informative sorption measurements. The result is a plot of the equilibrium absorbed gas concentration in the material as a function of pressure and temperature.

Gold APP Instruments high pressure and high temperature gas sorption analyzer H-Sorb 2600 adopts static volumetric principle to determine adsorption and desorption isotherms under high pressure atmospheric to 200Bar and high temperature atmospheric to 500℃ with a stainless steel VCR manifolds system, fully automated operation can control system and multi calculation methods, all these guarantee H-Sorb 2600 to produce a highly repeatibility and highly precision analysis data.

H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption volumetric principle analyzer application

1. Study and research in high temperature and pressure gas sorption, supercritical gas performance, microporous materials, hydrogen storage materials, coalbed gas, oil exploration, methane etc.

2. Catalysts, molecular sieves, active carbon, carbon nano-tube, fuel cell, hydrocarbon and other materials.

H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption volumetric principle analyzer parameters

1. Analysis Method: static volumetric principle, high pressure gas sorption principle

2. Versatility: adsorption/desorption isotherms measurement atmospheric to 500℃ , Gibbs supercritical adsorption measurement

3. Data Reduction: Langmuir model regression isotherm, PCT Pressure-Composition-Temperature or PCI Pressure-Composition-Isotherm diagram/curve/isotherm measurement, TPD temperature program desorption , Langmuir maximum adsorption constant L and adsorption pressure constant B measurement; Langmuir correction model loading-ratio correlation regression LCR isotherm; Ono-Kondo OK lattice model isotherm regression; adsorptive gas density and vapor-liquid equilibrium accuracy calculation under different pressures and temperatures

4. Measuring Ranges: continuous adsorption and desorption measurement from atmospheric to 200Bar pressure 400Bar option

5. Accuracy: repeatability errors 3%

6. Temperature Range: cryogenic to 500℃ 600℃ option , accuracy±0.1℃

7. Sample Ports: 1 sample analyzing and two degassing 2 and 4 analyzing ports option , stainless-steel micro welding sample cells, software integrated temperature PID adjustment

8. Transducer Accuracy: imported high precision transmitter, accuracy can reach 0.05% of F.S. full-scale , long-duration usage stability is 0.025% of F.S.

9. Ultimate Vacuum: 4x10-2 Pa 3x10-4 Torr , molecular pump system 1x10-6 Pa is optional

10. Adsorbate Gas: high purity nitrogen, CO2 or others Ar, Kr, H2, CH4 etc.

11. Data Acquisition: high-precision and high integration data acquisition modules, minimal error, strong anti-interference ability

12. Specifications: Height 22.05 inches 56cm Width 20.87 inches 53cm Depth 23.62 inches 60cm ; 132 pound 60kg ; 220V/5A

H-Sorb 2600 high pressure gas adsorption volumetric principle analyzer features:

1. Control System: imported VCR interface high pressure pneumatic valve can realize auto on-off within 200Bar, sealing performance is top to 1x10-10 Pa.