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Ozone Removal Filter for Air Purifier

Ozone removal filter,can oxidize harmful ozone into oxygen at room temperature.It has a higher ozone destruction efficiency and longer product life with less pressure drop and therefore can reduce running cost for ozone removal system. Dimensions Flexible Holes Density 60-1200 holes per sq. inch Flammability UL94 V-0 grade Material Aluminum Honeycomb core, Frame:Alloy,Foam,Paper Application: 1.Air purifier 2.Copy machine 3.Electric dust collectors that generate ozone 4.Air condictioners 5.Ozone generator 6.other ozone removal devices Feature:  1.Excellent performance in ozone removal at room temperature 2.Large surface area 3.Low pressure drop 4.Long product life 5.Flexibel product size Catalytic ozone removal reaction: Step1: O3 + M catalyst → M-O + O2 Step2: M-O + O3 → M + 2O2

Formaldehyde Decomposition and Ozone Decomposition Combined Filter(2in1)

Detailed introduction:This two in one filter is mainly for formaldehyde and ozone generated by high voltage electrostatic, UV lamp, ultraviolet light, the elimination effect of plasma. Material:Micro-Honeycomb Aluminum coated with the formaldehydeand ozone removal catalyst, Fixed buy paper or aluminum alloy as frame. The working principle of:Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde, ozone filter the air of harmful substances The characteristics of:1. large specific surface area 2. small wind resistance 3. the replacement of low cost, long service life 4. Flexible size Suggestions:1, through the filter speed is less than or equal to 1.5m/s 2, through the air filter dust and impurities removal rate is high. Generally applicable to:Air purifier, Printer / Copier, Fresh Air System,Central Air Conditioning, Air Disinfection Machine , Disinfection Cabinet, Locker Rooms, Shower System, Medical Equipment, Ozone Disinfection Machine ,Household Air Conditioning, Dust Filtering Equipment, Medical Equipment,other Electrical Equipment ect.

Ozone Decomposition Filter for New Air System --Use for the New Air System

Technical Characteristic Ozone Removal Filter TFY01 Ozone removal filter is made of aluminum material, in the shape of honeycomb or wave,coated with catalyst specially for the ozone O3 .Thanks to its precise structure of the material and metal catalyst, the ozone removal filter can decompose the ozone O3 to O2 from 10ppm to 0ppm within few minuters. The ozone removal filters details below: Case:aluminum honeycomb core ;aluminum or sponge frame, Panels: The catalyst of ozone removal 690 cell/ in2 side length a=0.6mm 900 cell/ in2 side length a=0.5mm Application :;The ozone removal filter is mostly;used in air purifier,copy machine,laser printer, ozone generator and etc.;todeal withthe unwaned ozone&O3 . Sizes : The standard;thickness of the;ozone removal filter could be 15mm and below,to the thinnest thickness at 3mm. Since we are the manufacturer of the ozone removal filter, special product sizes can be made according to your specific requirements.

Honeycomb Grease Filter

Hoenycomb Grease Filter for Range Hood Technical Characteristics: Commercial Grease Filter TFC01-009 Commercial grease filter is made of aluminum or stainless steel mainly for the range hood system.With the unique structure, commercial grease filter makes little resistance, causing no trouble for the ventilation when catching the oil in the air.& 160;Commercial grease filters here are as follows: Case :aluminum honeycomb aluminum; Application : The commercial grease filter is to be used in commercial range hood ventilation system such as kitchen in hotel, restaurant and etc. Pressure Loss Chart Standard Available Sizes commercial grease filter We are a commercial grease filter manufacturer, so special product size of the commercial grease filters can be made according to your specific requirements. Technology Advantage: Commercial Grease Filter TFC01-009 Larger specific surface area Low airflow resistance Replacable filtering element Affordable cost Packing conditions of the commercial grease filter: Video about the fire stopping function of the stainless steel grease filter below:

stainless steel baffle grease filter

Quality and performance Unlike other grease filters that trap and hold the grease until cleaned, these quality stainless steel baffle filters cause the air to change direction which catches the grease partials. The grease then runs down the blades through a drain hole and into the gutter of the kitchen exhaust hood. This method of grease filtration gives 100% flame barrier protection, stopping extreme fire from entering into the exhaust hood, roof ducting etc., creating further damage to the building. Fabricated completely in a quality gauge stainless steel, with an attractive no4 finish, these filters are very easy to maintain and clean on site saving costs on filter exchange services. They will handle all cleaning products without discolouring and will outlive all other types of exhaust hood grease filters. Standard Sizes Available Resistance 150 Pascal ITEM SIZE MM Capacity L/SS TFB01 495 x 495 x 45 375 L/SS TFB02 394 x 495 x 45 300L/SS TFB03 457 X 381 X 45 285L/S Advantages of Stainless Steel Baffle Filters Low maintenance easy to clean Outlive any other type of grease filter Will not discolour over time 100% flame barrier in a case of fire Dishwasher safe Complies with Australian standards