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Formaldehyde Decomposition and Ozone Decomposition Combined Filter(2in1)

Formaldehyde Decomposition and Ozone Decomposition Combined Filter(2in1)
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19 Apr 2017
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Detailed introduction:This two in one filter is mainly for formaldehyde and ozone generated by high voltage electrostatic, UV lamp, ultraviolet light, the elimination effect of plasma.

Material:Micro-Honeycomb Aluminum coated with the formaldehydeand ozone removal catalyst, Fixed buy paper or aluminum alloy as frame.

The working principle of:Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde, ozone filter the air of harmful substances

The characteristics of:1. large specific surface area

2. small wind resistance

3. the replacement of low cost, long service life

4. Flexible size

Suggestions:1, through the filter speed is less than or equal to 1.5m/s

2, through the air filter dust and impurities removal rate is high.

Generally applicable to:Air purifier, Printer / Copier, Fresh Air System,Central Air Conditioning, Air Disinfection Machine , Disinfection Cabinet, Locker Rooms, Shower System, Medical Equipment, Ozone Disinfection Machine ,Household Air Conditioning, Dust Filtering Equipment, Medical Equipment,other Electrical Equipment ect.