Product Listing Policy is a global B2B platform which promotes highest standards of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

The regulations stated hereinafter constitute our Product Listing Policy. This Policy keeps lists down all kinds of products/services that are prohibited to be a part of our family, therefore it keeps us from jeopardizing our authenticity. reserves the right to disengage any exportable that violates the Product Posting Policy without any notice and to disable the account of any member who continues to violate the Product Posting Policy after being warned.

We request you to be through with all the directives before proposing to us a request to list your product.

  1. Do not post/buy/sell any item that is restricted by federal, state or local law in your country/jurisdiction. NARUVIS doesn’t qualifies objects that are illegal or can be used for illegal purposes easily.
  2. Your product is required to be compliant with the law of both – the import as well as the export country. This includes all import/export laws and regulations and relevant local requirements of both ends. You must verify this once before posting any product.
  3. NARUVIS, in its sole discretion, does not permit any trading of goods that infringe intellectual property rights of any entity.
A few items may not be restricted by law, but are nonetheless controversial – NARUVIS does not promote trading of such goods/services. These include the following –
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