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AKGS Info Tech is a Pvt. Ltd company which owns the domain name Naruvis.com – the most authentic global B2B e-commerce platform.

A NARUVIS user is any individual/company (legal entity authoritatively represented by a person) who takes access of our web portal. After the completion of the registration process in NARUVIS, a user will be considered as a member, it can be free or paid membership.

Naruvis.com reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without any notice. If we ever make such changes, every member will be notified of the same through an email.

Any non-compliance with the Terms, howsoever insignificant or perceived as such, will be dealt with necessary punitive action including but not limited to seizing access to the web portal of NARUVIS.

We reserve the right to deny Naruvis.com access to any user or member, and we must practice it respecting any aspect for protection of our interests. As a user, you are agreeing that NARUVIS will not be responsible to you or any third parties for inaccessibility Naruvis.com

Interruptions may occur due to technical issues, limited access, transformation in any of the NARUVIS's features, or transmission or communication errors.

NARUVIS or any of its associates will not be responsible for any damage(s) that may arise while accessing our web portal.

NARUVIS will deal with severity any copying/ facsimileing/reproducing/selling/exploiting for commercial purposes of any information contained in Naruvis.com including but not limited to website content, design, layout, web font, font colour themes, images, videos, database, and concepts without written approval from NARUVIS or a third party content provider.

By accessing our portal, you grant us the permission to access and promote/advertise all information given by you for your better engagement with the portal.

The team at NARUVIS cannot be held responsible for any falsification during transactions between members of the B2B family. Members hereby declare themselves solely answerable for their payment terms, shipping, transportation, taxes, licenses, fees, fines and all other monetary affairs. Naruvis.com cannot assure that personal and company information of registered users is appropriate in all ways, therefore, Naruvis.com prompts its users to aptly perceive, understand, judge and evaluate any entity they deal with.

NARUVIS or any of its associated entities do not involve in transactions that occur between B2B sellers and buyers through our web portal. If any controversy occurs between two users regarding a transaction, both of them hereby agree to indemnify Naruvis.com from any suspected and unsuspected claims, costs, expenses and damages that may arise out of such disputes.

NARUVIS reserves the right to monitor the products, services and information provided by our users and third parties but we are not responsible or give assurance for their quality, accuracy, and legal aspects whatsoever. We do not take the responsibility of any damage caused to a user because of immoral activities of another user.

We do not give any assurance to the users regarding the screening of products.

We take no responsibility of any conversation between any two users of our family – be it through a communication platform provided by us, or any other party.

If a user provides us with any false or inappropriate information, we reserve the right to terminate the registration of that user and deny to him the usage of our portal. If you have registered with NARUVIS as a representative of a business entity or a company, you are supposed to guarantee that you are authorized to bind the respective business entity according to the terms and conditions.

Once signed up with Naruvis.com, members will be able to log in to the respective account with their credentials. Members are solely responsible for all the activities associated to their account and for the confidential maintenance of their log in credentials (Member ID and Password). NARUVIS will not be liable for any loss or damage arising due to aforementioned affairs.

NARUVIS assures wholesome cooperation with governmental authority and injured third parties while they investigate illegal activities of any NARUVIS member. If we receive a request from a government or law enforcement body, an injured third party or as a result of a legal action, we may disclose the identity and contact information of concerned user. We’re not liable for the damages that may occur.

Payment conditions

Paid membership in NARUVIS includes verified, premium and E-commerce, these memberships are sustained on account of payments made on yearly basis.

Refund Policy

Premium Membership fee which is a one-time payment, deems non-refundable. In case the member's card/internet banking service is charged inappropriately either in excess or twice due to technical errors, the member shall contact us and submit the prescribed 'Refund Application Form' to support@naruvis.com for further review by our Accounts Team. We expect you to receive an acknowledgement stating that your application has been received in good order and is under processing in 2-3 business days after application.

AKGS INDIA PVT.LTD, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify its pricing structure, discounts, payment conditions and refund policy at any time.

Disclaimer of Warranties & Limit of Liability

The content and other information contained in Naruvis.com are compiled carefully but we take no responsibility for the validity, accuracy, reliability, quality and stability of the same.

Naruvis.com does not warranty that

  • The features, products and services provided will meet needs of the users
  • The service will be consistent, errorless timely and secure
  • The results of the services used by you will be accurate or reliable
  • The quality of products, services and other information that an user obtained through NARUVIS's features and services will meet expectations of the users.

While exploring Naruvis.com, users may find certain hyperlinks to other websites which are not under our control or monitoring. We do not take the responsibility of the content, products and services of such sites. We are not answerable for any loss or damage caused by the usage of linked sites.

NARUVIS provides content on an ‘as-is’ basis. Warranties of title, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability for products and workmanlike quality for services – express or implied, are hereby excluded.

NARUVIS will not be held accountable for the delays/failures/interruptions in the display of content, features or services occurred due to forces beyond reasonable control including but not limited to natural disasters, hardware/software corruption, Internet failures/slow internet process, electrical power failures, labour disputes, explosions and any legal actions of Government or courts.

  • Aforementioned Terms bespeak the agreement between Naruvis.com and any user.
  • Users agree to not expect any assurances that are not mentioned explicitly in this document.
  • The sub-headings given in the terms and conditions are only for reference and the meaning of the agreement is not affected in any manner.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction Clause

Terms and conditions are constituted according the Indian laws and regulations. Naruvis.com and the concerned user agrees to abide by the legal proceedings in relation to the terms and conditions.

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