Hilton Foods Pakistan


Welcome to HILTON FOODS. We are Pakistan's number one exporter and manufacture company. As a registered premium supplier at Alibaba.com (world's largest and most trusted trade portal), our main market is China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc. We accept all Importers and Agents from all around the World to buy our products. We are able to supply Frozen Beef Tripe, Frozen Beef Parts, Salted Beef & Salted Buffalo Omasum, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws & Chicken Wings. We are also the supplier of quality Frozen Seafood such as Indian Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Swimming Crab, Razor Clam, Top Shell, Cuttlefish, Red Sea Bream, Ribbon Fish, Loligo Squid, Octopus, etc.

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