Meat Mutton - Curry Cut

Meats is our in house brand of fresh meat, pWe take utmost care in selecting the best suppliers to provide you with high quality and succulent products. Every product is stored in our cold storage right until your doorstep ensuring freshness and utmost hygiene. Additionally, every product is packed using food grade plastic which provides a nourishing and wholesome environment. Freshly processed & Clean curry pieces ready for cooking.


A meat chop is a cut of meat cut perpendicularly to the spine, and usually containing a rib or rib let part and served as individual portion. 100% Halal.


The meat from the lamb's shoulder portion is taken and cut into slender custom cuts. Fat free Cleaned and Packed

Full Thigh

The chicken leg consists of thigh plus drumstick and are sourced from the finest broiler chickens. We offer a without skin for who health conscious.Self Lock Cover Fat Free

leg of lamb

The meat from the lamb's leg is taken and cut into slender custom cuts. fat free.... 100%Halal Cut... u can use it for Roasted