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Huazhijie Plastic Building Material Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing UPVC profiles for doors and windows in China. Looking back on our more than 15 years? development in the plastics sector,Website:, we cover the entire value chain ? from draft design and development through to extrusion and refinement. Through intense research work and years of experience, we have more than 10 series as the best-sellers to provide solutions to all needs from customers, which also makes us win the reputation of well-know trademark in Zhejiang and China as well as international quality certification.
We help our customers all over the world create a sustainable, extremely energy-efficient home. Our products are easy to care for and durable with excellent thermal insulation values. Our colored profiles are made from high weather resistant BASF/BAYER pigment and SAMSUNG ASA resin and our longevity guarantees a service life of 30 years.

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