ABOUT OUR COMPANY INKA AS is a Norwegian seafood company based in Bergen with an office in Bergen. We specialize in fishing, production, domestic and international sales. Our mission is to bring the best from the Norwegian Sea to all of our customers across the world. INKA AS is a cost-effective operation founded by solid owners with steady goals and ambitions. INKA AS and its partners have an experienced workforce with commodity knowledge and manufacturing expertise. Frozen Atlantic Salmon,Frozen Cod Fish, Frozen Cod Roe, Frozen Cod Bladder, Frozen Salmon Heads, Frozen Salmon Bellies, Frozen Salmon Fillets, Frozen Salmon Backbones, Frozen Cod Fillets, Frozen Whole Lobsters, Frozen Scallop Meat, Frozen King Crab Legs Value Added Product: Fresh & Frozen Salmon fillet, Frozen Salmon Heads 400gram , Frozen Salmon Belly 3-5cm , Fresh & Frozen Cod Fillet, Frozen Cod Roe, Cod Maw Cod Swim Bladder, Cod Heads , Cod Backbone, King Crab Legs & Clusters, Frozen Lobster Tails Fresh Product

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