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distribution transformer foil winding machine

distribution transformer foil winding machine
USD 30000-40000 Per Set(s)
Payment Type
All,Cheque / Demand Draft,D/A,D/P,L/C,Money Gram,Pay Pal,T/T,Western Union
Country Name
50 Set/Sets Per Month
Posted On
31 Dec 2018
Min Order Quantity
1 Set(s)
Delivery Time
60 days
20 feet contrainer
12 month

mainly used in transformers, amorphous transformers, associated electrical coil wound foil, foil coil of copper or aluminum in a different carrier, broadband-like insulating material for interlayer insulation, on the foil winding machine once completed around the system, the formation of foil coil, foil coil shape can be round, rectangular, etc.

Main Components Of The Machine:

1. The main frame

2. The foil material unwinding and rewinding device (with pressure rollers)

3. insulation retractable roll device

4. The end of the insulation system

5. Clean the decontamination unit

6. Mao pressure device

7. rolling shear device

8. Automatic feed

9. photoelectric sensor automatic correction system

10. Automatic welding equipment

11. The electronic control system

12. The pneumatic system