Aramid fabric

Aramid Fabrics are extremely flame resistant, and exhibit outstanding shock absorption properties, providing the benefits to the industries from the medical to the military with its highest tensile load absorption rate. Our bulletproof Aramid fabric is thermally stable, and is available in both fabric for protective clothing and for composite work.

Stock Nylon fabrics

We have stock Nylon stock fabrics in various colors and specs for garments, sleeping bags and bags. Please contact us for more details. Nylon 70 D twill, Nylon 70 D x 140 D plain, Nylon 70 D x 250 D twill, Nylon 70 D x 160 D, Nylon 70 D x 320 D, Nylon 210 D twill, Nylon 200 D x 200 D, Nylon 200 D x 400 D Nylon 40 D, Nylon 30 D, Nylon 40 D x 70 D, Nylon 20 D, Nylon 50 D

Polyester mini matt

Polyester Mini Matt soft for trousers, suits, work wear, garments ; table cloth, curtain, etc. Material : 100% Polyester Yarn counts : 300 D x 300 D Weight per meter : 190 G, 210 G, 220 G, 230 G, 240 G, 260G Width : 58 inches Packing : 50 to 100 meters per roll roll with label in poly bag Colors and printing : as customers' requirement

TPU Hypalon

Fabric: Polyester 600 D, Polyester 900 D, Nylon 420 D, Nylon 420 D high tensile, Nylon 840 D high tensile, Nylon 1000 D Thickness: 0.55 mm, 0.65 mm, 0.90 mm, 1.00 mm Feature: Eco products and Blue sign approval Strong with high tensile and Tearing strength High frequency and Heat weldable Anti crack at -30 degree Celsius Anti abrasion, High impact and Anti scratch Appliance: Bags, Outdoor backpack, luggage and boat Excellently weather resistant, water proof woven fabric, well designed for constant and outdoor use in harshest condition.

3D air mesh fabrics for mattress and seat cover

Material : 100% Polyester air mesh fabric Weight : 520 to 1200 G SM Width : 215 CM Thickness : 8 to 20 MM Color: white or as requested Applications: mattress, cushion ; car cushion ; operating table pad ; sport shoes insole, knee pad, elbow pad ; motorcycle seat cushion ; army helmet, armor ; baby mat, etc. Feature : The 3D mesh fabric is breathable, quick airflow and heat radiating The middle strong polyester yarn provide strong cushion for bump and knock Applied for mattress, pillow, mat and cushion Easy to clear as it is very easily washable and quickly dry