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Wireless Data Acquisition System Wireless GSM 3G 4G alarm controller

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28 May 2017
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The GSM SMS GPRS 3G 4G Temperature &Humidity Monitoring Alarm embedded GSM/GPRS/3G/4G module and

high performance MCU to provide an all in one instrument for data logging, Remote data acquisition, alarm and

control. It special for real-time remotely monitoring onsite temperature, humidity, power status and automatically

switch on/off equipments through wireless cellular network.

It provides 4/8 temperature &humidity probe inputs or 8 high precision temperature probe inputs. When the

temperature, humidity exceed high threshold or low threshold value, or external power goes off or on, will send

SMS alert to 10 preset mobile phone immediately or upload event data to remote server by GPRS/3G/4G network.

It provides daily report, schedule upload, event upload by the GPRS/3G/4G to monitoring center or by SMS to the

user mobile phone directly.

The Data Logger with large memory that can save 200000 events. It provides 2 Relay outputs for automatically

switch ON/OFF devices when Temperature & Humidity exceed high/low value and remote switch ON/OFF Device

by SMS or GPRS/3G/4G networks.

It has been designed as a cost effective, low power, easy use, reliable data logger. It can be used in the worldwide

through the wireless cellular network, operation in anywhere, no distance limitation.

Typically applications:

Server room, Warehouse, Drug store, Medicine center, Seafood storage, Aquarium, Supermarket, hospital, Hotel;

Weather Stations remote control and data logging, Transformer stations, BTS room, agriculture, Supervision and

monitoring alarm systems, etc.