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Crossfit pullup grips Fabric and Leather

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02 Jul 2018
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These grips will allow you to jump on the pull-up frame and pump out numerous reps without ripping your hands to shreds. Even if you form blisters, your palms remain protected and will allow you to continue your set. Made from cloth.

They are designed to withstand sweat, friction from rubbing and won’t harden from perspiration. You can wash them, definitely chalk them and wear them during an entire WOD.

They are soft and will not interfere with your performance. They will soak up your perspiration and keep your palms reasonably dry during your WOD. Useful for: PullUps, Toes To Bar, Knees To Elbows, Kettlebell Swings and general barbell work.

Comes in Small, Medium , Large, X Large sizes.