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Astha Vermi Compost

Astha Vermicompost is a sutable organic manure Bio Fertilizer produced by earthworms by feeding on microbially decompost agriculture waste. It is a balanced nutrient source for plants. It contains all essential macro and miocro-nutrients, beneficial microbes, humic acid, microbially synthesized enzymes, vitamins, antibotics and growth hormones necessary for plant growth. Benefits of Astha vermicompost : 1. Astha Vermicompost is a non-toxic,eco-friendly,balanced nutrient source for organic farming. 2. It improves physico-chemical and biological properties of soil and maintains steady soil fertility. 3. It not only improves the overall growth of the plants but also developes tha plant immunity system to fight against various microbial diseases. 4. It also improves the nurient quality of the plant products fruits, flowers,vegetables,leaves etc. and increaes its storability. RATE OF APPLICATION : 1. Winter Vegetables 600Kg./acre 2. Potato,Arum,Sugarcane & Banana 900Kg./acre 3. Summer and MonSoon Vegetables 600Kg./acre 4. Paddy,Jute,wheat & Others Crops 180-240Kg,/acre 5. Beetle leaves 600Kg./acre 6. Flowering Plants 100-200gm./pot 7. Horticulural Crops 200-300gm./plant 8. Tea 1-1.2mt./acre