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High Quality Stacked Wire Mesh Container With Wheels

High Quality Stacked Wire Mesh Container With Wheels
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21 Mar 2017
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The wire mesh container has the advantages of being easily fixed, orderly stacked, open-and-shut stocked and easily checked and amounted, etc. At the same time, it can effectively improve the utilization ratio of the storage space.

1.It is welded by the hard-drawn wires and plates of high quality. It has high strength and large loading capability. The galvanized surface is beautiful and oxidation-resistant. Its service life is long.

2.Adopted with uniform international standard, it can match different vehicles and storage. The stacking can be 4 layers, which can effectively increase the use of the space.

3.It can be widely used with forklift, trailer and crane to do the efficient operations. It also can be installed at the bottom with wheels. It is convenient for circulation and can be folded. The recycling cost is low, which can reduce the management cost and improve the production efficiency.