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Dear Sir, We offers eco-friendly recycled polyester staple fibre, which is 100% made out from PET bottles. To fulfil our accountability towards environment, we produce eco-friendly products which satisfy our client’s demand and also help in protecting our environment through recycling. It is and it will be our continuous endeavour to satisfy our customers with regular up gradation / changes /addition in product portfolio. Our extant products are: White and black colour recycled polyester state fibre – 1.4 denier to 20 denier Cut length 32mm. 38mm, 44mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm, 128mm The technology for manufacturing recycled polyester staple fiber is so improved now a days that the PSF product quality is no less than virgin staple fiber. This virgin equivalent recycled polyester staple fiber has unlimited usages ranging from. Non-woven Staple fibres are used for manufacturing non-woven fabrics for automotive, geotextile industries through needle punch, thermal bond or spun lace technology. Spinning Fine denier staple fibres are suitable for all type of spinning industries. Filters Polyester staple fiber provides durability and it is used for filter manufacturing industries also. Filling Polyester filling fibres Hollow silicon provides essential performance attributes of durability and comfort. It is highly used in making sofas, soft toys etc. Bedding It is also used in manufacturing sleeping bags, pillows, comforters, mattress constructions etc. PET is one of the fastest growing segments in plastic industries. Waste from this industry especially pet bottles is growing by tones every day. These pet bottles’ waste takes thousands of years for decomposing into land and as a result this waste impacts our environment as well as the soil. By recycling PET we are contributing on our part and expect the society to use the recycled products wherever possible. Thanks & regards Pradip Mane MANE FIBRES & YARNS CO. 301/A, Basera CHS. Dewanman, Vasai 401202.Mumbai India Tele/Fax No +9102502348650.. Mobile No +919987090991. Skype- pradip.mane

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