Micro-shot Technology Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Micro-shot Technology Co., Ltd specializes in microscope innovation since year 2003. It offers excellent service to the field of microscopy by supplying Microscope Cameras, LED fluorescence illumination, Fluorescence Microscopes and other optical microscopes. With the successful self-owned brand MSHOT, Micro-shot became a great strategy cooperator with companies of world famous microscope brand. Combining independent manufacture with reasearch and design, MSHOT Fluorescence Microscope Illumination and Scientific Microscope Cameras are widely used by famous brand microscopes distributors. Now Micro-shot is the top innovative microscopy company in China. Furthermore, MSHOT is getting more and more reputation in the world, especially at Malyasia, Myanmar, Turkey, Chile, India, Indonesia, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Russia and Egypt. With an experienced team and professional service in optical microscope solution, we are confident in supplying sa

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