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Lactomat Rapid S milk analyzer

Lactomat Rapid S milk analyzer
USD 100-1000 Per Pieces
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On Enquiry
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1000 Pieces Per Month
Posted On
06 Oct 2017
Min Order Quantity
On Request
Delivery Time
3-5 days after payment
4 pcs per box - W/37 - H/29 - L/57 sm - 16 kg
1 year

The fastest milk analyzer on the market. 18 seconds per measurement - 180 samples per hour including cleaning. Inbuilt ventilation system preventing overheating in hot environments.

New designed box from stainless steel. Fast software and improved hardware. New 'double cell' ultrasonic technology.

Low power consumption

Memory for 50 measurements

Peristaltic pump

Very small quantity of milk

1 x RS232 connection for ESC POS Printer Support

1 x USB connection to PC

Large graphic display

Inbuilt waterproof keypad

One year full warranty

Clock (time and date)

No acid or other chemicals are used

Self calibration without computer

pH inbuilt system (option)

Conductivity inbuilt system (option)

Flash drive support (option)

Inbuilt printer (option)

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