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Lead lining tanks is a very highly skilled process and is used for process and storage of some chemicals and mixtures of chemicals which are not suitable for Rubber & PVC linings or need to be used at higher temperatures. Although very dense lead is malleable and can be formed into shapes. The majority of lead is chemically pure grades A & B for industry and grade C for construction, when alloyed with Antimony or Tin either the strength or electrical conductivity can be improved to suit requirements. The excellent chemical resistance of lead lining is manly due to the insoluble film which is formed on the surface of the lead in many environments which prevents further attack. Thus it is an excellent material for pickling Sulphuric, Chromic and Phosphoric Acid also solutions of there salts due to the formation of an insoluble film which forms over all surfaces when it is first used which helps to prevent further attack. Its resistance to Hydrochloric Acid is limited. Similarly lead lining should not be used for handling Nitric Acid or Ammonia Solutions. We can also supply lead anodes and coils manufactured from various metals to suit your requirements Lead Lining is used in the following industries We also offer Dipping Tank Lining Electroplate & Metal Finishing Chromic Acid Tanks Effluent Treatment Chrome Solutions Various Plating Solutions Pickling Effluent Treatment Aerospace Industry Anodising Chromic Acid Chrome Solutions Various Plating Solutions Pickling Effluent Treatment Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industry Process Equipment Effluent Treatment


Milk Storage Tank offered features superior construction


White spirit-paint industry grade