Moon Staar CCTV cameras has been in the CCTV industry for over 7 years. We offer the highest quality equipment, good service and honest deal with our customers. Our company has expertise in many big projects for supply and installation of CCTV systems, home security systems and Time attendance system. We work towards keeping our applications very simple and easy to operate for the end users benefit We dedicate ourselves to listen to our Customers, Distributors, Dealers & other channel partner to improvise our products line and implement their input from time to time. We believe that the products we design or manufacture are actually meant for the customers and the customers in any case should be able to utilize our products with 100% satisfaction. Our promise to our customers is that we will continuously provide you with extremely useful and innovative products on regular basis with a never-ending process. Surveillance and Security Products Surveillance and Security Technology issues have become crucial in a rapidly growing world. As acts of random violence increase, the sphere of freedom contracts - whether it is your Residential areas,Small business, a retail store, Financial facilities, Commercial buildings, public areas and institutions etc., The CCTV networks are fast giving way to smarter digital cameras and DVR based surveillance gadgets which provide clearer images and wider visual fields with automatic panning, tilting, and zooming. These smart digital cameras can be easily installed and networked with televisions, desktops and the internet. Using the latest Surveillance Technology, a home owner or shopkeeper can now remote control the cameras and keep a check on suspicious moving objects with clear visual images, zooming and recording facilities. we have taken the guesswork out of putting together your own custom system. It has developed a variety of CCTV Cameras, Quad Processor, Multiplexer, DVR IP Camera, Video Server, Portable Product, CCTV lens, Monitor and other peripherals to meet all requirements from customers. We offer Security Services by using on site surveys and auditing we can advice on the followings: Clients Satisfaction Client satisfaction, like any approach of business, is a finishing art that takes a long time and effort to expert and Our main goal is to achieve client satisfaction by giving the best services. Evaluate any existing security products if presently available Our Technician firstly evaluate existing security systems if available then suggest you their real value and then give you service, you actually need. Repair security designs Our job is not only limited to installation of the services we offer. We also take care the delivered services. CCTV Installation Whether you’re in a house of market for the latest system or you’re looking to improve your existing system, you’ll find our esteemed profile for the service speaks out for itself.

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