Laboratory Balances

We can offer a huge gamut of Laboratory Balances to our clients. These balances are widely used in laboratories, research centers and various medical institutions for accurately weighing a number of components. These are well tested for quality ensuring no defect.

Flash and Fire Point Apparatus

We offer Various Flash & Fire Point Apparatus as per IS & ASTM Standards. We have both Electrically heated model with energy regulator as well as Electrically heated with Digital temperature controller 1. ABLES FLASH AND FIRE POINT 2. CLEVELAND OPEN CUP APPARATUS 3. PENESKY MARTIN


We Manufacturer viscometers as per the ASTM Specifications that are highly calibrated and accurate. Our Range of viscometers are Canon Fenskey, 'U' tube viscometer, Ubblehood Viscometer, etc..,

Mcleod Gauge

A McLeod gauge is a scientific instrument used to measure very low pressures, down to 10−6 Torr. McLeod gauges operate by taking in a sample volume of gas from a vacuum chamber, and then compressing it by tilting, and infilling with mercury. The pressure in this smaller volume is then measured by a mercury manometer, and, by knowing the compression ratio, the pressure of the original vacuum can be determined.

Laboratory Glasswares

All Kinds of Laboratory Glasswares & Quartz wares as per ASTM Standards and customized glasswares