NexGen Health And Wellness


Foot Massager

Foot massager Function: 1. Activates Joints For Maximum Relaxation 2. Stimulates The Sensitive Points Of The Calf Region And Releases Tension Through Nerves In Your Feet 3. Simultaneously Provides Invigorating Massage To Feet, Ankles And Calves 4. Infrared Heat Physical Therapy Improves Metabolism And Blood Circulation 5.Massages Foot Muscles With Strong Kneading Action And Improves Circulation 6.Pressure Nodes Located Under Your Feet Stimulate The Reflex Points On The Soles Of Your Feet 7. A Great Way To Promote Healthy Blood Circulation. Perfect For Use During Manicures. 8.The intensity of the air pressure massage can be adjusted to be Strong, Medium and Weak. 9.The calf massage mechanism can be titled for 45 degrees backward according to the user's sitting position. 90 degrees by default 10.The calf massage mechanism can be moved upward or downward to adjust the height according to the length of the user's calves with three ranges available 11.The airbag massage for calves can fully relieve the aches of calves arising from walking or longtime standing. 12.The massage for sole, arch and bumps of heel can promote metabolism and increase flexibility. 13.The removable cover is equipped for the sake of cleanness and sanitation.

Thermal Massager Bed

Well designed based on the theories of Ergonomics, International Meridian Moxibustion and health care technologies. Automatically applies thermal massage and thermal moxibustions. Made from natural jade or germanium stones which can generate far infrared rays by safe heating elements. Equipped with 6 12 jade balls thermal – projectors or far infrared vibrating moxibustion massager that massages the entire body. Measures the height of different users automatically for the precise massage. Designed in particular way to move smoothly along the curvature of human spinal column. Delivers the effect of thermal and acupressure evenly and effectively to the spinal joints and nerves. Provides the effects of thermal and acupressure from the thigh to the ankle. New program that allows users to manually set treatment time and areas. 4 different modes of automatic treatment. Unique designed bedstead with auto-adjustable upper bed enables you to choose the most comfortable angle to massage. Equipped with MP3 player with high fidelity stereo earphones and huge capacity USB flask Disk. Easy maintenance and user-friendly remote control.