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Cathlab Reporting and Analytics and Management Solution CRS CardioLogix

Cathlab Reporting and Analytics and Management Solution CRS CardioLogix
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22 Jul 2017

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Cardiac Cath Labs are typically busy, critical areas, where improvements in care delivery and efficiency can result in dramatic improvements in both outcomes and hospital revenues. CardioLogix is a simple, comprehensive and powerful solution for diagnosis imaging , reporting and analytics in Interventional Cardiology. It has three major components:

CardioLogix-PACS: Basic PACS Picture Archival and Communication System

CardioLogix-Reporting: Data capture and reporting for most Cathlab procedures

CardioLogix‐Analytics: Statistical reporting tool for analysis and presentations

What makes CardioLogix Unique?

Click based sentence construction reduces the report generation time by more than 75%

User friendly statistical analysis tool, which allows doctors to generate reports for research and poster presentations

Protects patient confidentiality by controlling rights to view and make changes in reports

Editable Cardiogram, which allows doctors to draw on an image of the heart serving as a patient education tool

Sets report formats as per the hospital’s unique requirements

Integrates with Hospital Information Systems

Integrates with DICOM modalities

User friendly GUI, with minimal clicks

NABH compliant

Consistent with the processes being followed in Cath Labs across the world

Low hardware requirement

Simple installation procedure

Ability to add custom fields & procedures according to future needs

Supports the following Procedures

Carotid Angiography

Coronary Angiography

Peripheral Angiography

Renal Angiography

Check Angiography

Peripheral Angioplasty

Carotid Angioplasty

Single Chamber Pacemaker

Double Chamber Pacemaker


RF Ablations with EF and many more…

Major Modules