W Beam Highway Crash Barrier

W Beam Crash Barrier is meant to withstand the impact of vehicles of certain weights at a particular angle while traveling at the desired speed. W Beam Crash Barrier are expected to guide the vehicle back on the road whereas keeping the amount of damage to the vehicle in addition on the barriers among acceptable. By reducing the number of automotive accidents on the roads, W Beam Crash Barrier even have a positive impact on traffic jams less automotive crash accidents equal less traffic jams. As mentioned higher than, road safety barriers is used over long amount of your time with minimum maintenance prices. W Beam Crash Barriers orthodox to any or all major specifications like Ministry of Road Transport and amp; Highways, Asian nation MORTH. Features Our tested and tried barriers guarantee minimum injury to the vehicle and its occupants. throughout collision the W beam absorbs most energy by flattening out and laterally restrains the vehicle from turn over. Prevents the vehicle from skidding back onto the roadway by controlled exit angles by gradual retardation and effective redirection of the vehicle back onto the road. Provides a decent visual guide to the drivers particularly within the night. allows fast repairs just in case of accidents. All parts are hot dip galvanized for extended life. Applications As restraining barriers on embankments of Expressways and amp; Highways. As containment barriers on medians and grade separators of four and six lane roads. As protection barriers or containment barriers for craggy terrains and stairs roads. As race car crash guards on auto racing tracks. For interior traffic safety at Airports, Plants handling venturous chemicals, mines, collieries, etc. As fencing barriers for country border lines, expanse lands,water bodies, bridge piers, signposts, rocky areas etc. Benefits Of route Crash Barriers Reduced traffic jams and congestion W Beam Crash barriers on Highways and roads have an excellent impact on reducing traffic jams and congestion. Less traffic jams cause the safe and effective driving which suggests that travelers will set up their trip with ease and reach their destination on time. Increased safety on the road Another major advantage of exploitation W Beam route crash barrier is that the multiplied safety of highways and roads that successively results in the less variety of accidents. These crash barriers are designed to extend the protection level on the road, thereby protective vehicles and drivers from accidents. These W Beam highway Crash Barriers are effective in stopping associate out of management vehicle from coming into the other lane and thanks to this, direct crashes is avoided. Less maintenance needed Last however not least advantage of exploitation W Beam Highway Crash Barriers is that they need lesser maintenance than the other road safety barrier, they're sturdy and may face up to high impacts simply.

Steel Tubular Poles

Steel Tubular Poles from Om Wire & Wire Products Industries are manufactured to specifications that not only illuminate the journey, but pave the way for a brighter future. We Have adequate infrastructure to roll out high quality poles in any quantity. Backed by in-house testing facilities, We Manufacture Steel Tubular Poles from pipes conforming to IS specifications and other equivalent specifications. Swaged Tubular Poles are manufactured using high grade raw material like MS steel & sheets. Since this pole is swaged and not merely joined, it boasts of greater strength and stability. No circumferential joints shall be permitted in the individual tube lengths of the poles. If welded tubes are used, they shall have one longitudinal weld seam only and the longitudinal welds shall be staggered at each swaged joint. The versatility of steel allows architects, engineers and design professionals to use these poles for a wide range of commercial, residential and municipal applications. The durability and strength of our product, along with its lightweight, maintenance-free construction, helps keep installation time to a minimum and reduces shipping costs. Swaged Poles include Light Poles in single hang & double hang, Street Light Poles and Traffic Light Poles etc. We design and manufacture Swaged Poles and specialty steel structures. These include all standard types of highway and street lighting poles as well as the standard types of traffic signal poles. Swaged poles are made of ERW welded tubes of suitable lengths swaged and joined together. Supply Range: Height : 5 mtrs to 15 mtrs Wind Speed : Upto 200 km per hour Features: High Quality Steel Easy Install and Maintenance Highly Corrosion Resistant Durable Long Life Benefits: Low Cost Maintenance Multiple Shapes 15 to 25 years life span Rust Proof Easily install and unload

Conical Poles

Conical Poles is generally a continuously taper circular cross section having one or more section. On top it has a bracket to mount the luminary. Our Conical Poles has design to withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3) and can be customized up to 300 Km per hour. All the Conical Poles has Hot Dip Galvanized by single dip seven tank process. Conical Poles has been designed considering minimum design life of 25 years. We provide special type internal hinge on request to prevent theft at site. All Conical Poles has manufactured in modern automatic machinery for better quality. Welding has been done by automatic SAW process ensure proper welding strength. Easy to maintain and supreme in finish, we offer these Conical Light Poles in different sizes and specifications. These are manufactured in compliance with set industry standards using of excellent quality material. Our deft team designs these Conical Poles to meet all the requirements of residential, commercial and institutional sector. Besides, these are stringently checked on parameters of strength, durability and robustness. Moreover, these conical poles are perfect for parks, parking areas, streets, roads, shopping complexes and stadiums. Features: 7 Tank Galvanizing process for better adhesion and uniformity of zinc coating Single dip galvanizing process for better finishing External or Internal Hinge Provide for better anti-vandalism system

Octagonal Poles

Om Wire & Wire Products Industries designs and manufactures a wide range of Octagonal Poles, for primary use as street lighting poles. Octagonal Poles are fabricated using premium quality raw material and are customized to clients specification. Octagonal Poles are manufactured from tapered polygonal sections, which are slipped together at site and so maintenance of close tolerances and straightness are thrust areas. They come ready as flange plated, galvanized and custom designed. Om Wire & Wire Products Industries uses high strength sheet steel and can produce single-piece poles up to a length of 15 meters. The two shell halves are welded together with advanced systems and with automatic sigma machines. The Octagonal Poles shafts are continuously tapered with single longitudinal welding & no circumferential weld. The manufacturing facilities available allows production of single section of length up to 15 meters, which can be galvanized through single dip process at the company’s in-house sophisticated galvanizing facilities, and guarantees great corrosion resistance. X ray, ultrasound, and surface-crack inspections ensure top material quality and help maximize the life of poles and masts. This Pole used for Highway and Road Light, Hotel Entrance, Petrol Pump, Shopping Mall Entrance etc. Today, designers choose Street Light Poles design that blends with the modern city landscapes to provide a more homogeneous and distinguished look. Street Light Poles designs affects the lighting output, and there are other parameters like Mounting Height, Spacing, Outreach, Drag Co efficient and Pole Geometry which influence the choice of the poles. Features 7 Tank Galvanizing process for better adhesion and uniformity of zinc coating Single dip galvanizing process for better finishing External Internal Hinge Provide for better anti vandalism system

High Mast Lighting Pole

High Mast Poles provides a complete package (design, manufacture and installation) for high mast poles (12 meters to 35 meters in height). High Mast Poles required minimum maintenance and the complete mast and fittings can be maintained at ground level for greater safety. High Mast Poles also accommodate any lighting system and are equally suitable for a variety of other equipment like aerials, flags, CCTV cameras, wind turbines, Signage Board, Stadium Lightning Purpose or other application like chimney etc. Om Wire & Wire Products Industries offers tapered steel High Mast Poles for transportation applications and also for other large-area lighting applications, such as those found at car parks, railways, airports, shipping terminal facilities and large heavy-industry zones, Power Plants, Petrol Pumps & Fly Overs etc In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential. High Mast Poles lighting Poles installations are often located where today’s most busy expressways merge or intersect. Our High Mast is a continuously taper polygonal cross section having one or more segment. It was movable carriage for raising and lowing which is operated with a power tool motor through winch gear box. It is used for large area lighting with the minimum number of obstructions. We do customized sizes & specifications for High Mast Poles as per customer requirement.