Onat Tekstil Ayakkabi


Onat Group which has been founded in 1974, is one of the leading companies in its sector. From the beginning, adopting and reflecting this quality to its products. Onat Group has provided shoes for homeland and world with its wide product varieties. Besides men, women and child shoes, Adela Group has started to produce safety shoes by investing in technology with Pars trademark. Moreover, Onat takes pride in serving its total experience in military boots into the presence of the Turkish Army. Technology and Investment in Production The centre factory, founded in Istanbul, has been working for 45 years, with its 5500 m2 work place. Beside that an investment had been made in Bartin and second factory was established with trademark Onat Ayakkabi in 1998. This factory within 16.000 m2 work place, has a capacity 5000 pairs in a day with skilled personnel and quality management system ISO 9001:2000. At last We establish a third factory in Istanbul again under the PARS Trademark and we increased our capacity to 7000 pairs in a day. Moreover, it has been started to produce shoes with single PU or dual density sole PU-TPU by using computers and robots as a consequence of high technology investment. Together with 6 high technology machines, high quality sport, trekking, comfort, safety shoes and boots are being produced.

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