PE Soliyar


Private enterprise "Solyaris" a producer of refined and unrefined sunflower oil and packed oil of TM "MAJOIA" and TM "SONYANA" All products comply with state standards and satisfy all the requirements of "Sunflower oil. Specifications ". Sunflower oil of TM "Majoia" receive all sign of quality "High Grade" Modern high-technological, ecological-clean production, situated in Kiskunfelegyhaza. During production of sunflower oil used raw of Hungarian producer, that pass diligent laboratory control. Our purpose: To be a well known leader in production of sunflower oil. Strategy: In order to PC Soliyar was recognized as leader in production of sunflower oil, we should be: For consumer :The first priority For client :Irreplaceable partner For workers : The best employer For community : Effective organization For competitor :Absolute leader Values: Direction Innovation Speed Striving Team Trust Refined sunflower oil by Soliyar is used as raw material by leading European companies to produce such products as mayonnaise, sauces, snacks etc. The company operates its own fleet of specialized tankers to deliver refined sunflower oil to its corporate customers. PRODUCTION With a production capacity of 300 tons per day, Soliyar positioned itself as one of the leading producers of refined sunflower oil in Hungary. Every year the company increases its production capacity, and is currently working on installing new equipment and modernizing several aspects of its production process to reflect the latest technological advancements. QUALITY CONTROL Everyday work of our laboratory is executed by modern equipment that supports classic analytics ( for identifying raw protein, raw fibre and raw fat) as well as with state-of -the art analytical devices. We apply an NMR device for identifying the oil and moisture content of the raw material and of materials flowing through production. The gas Chromatography enables a more thorough examination of the edible oil than before. With these devices, our highly qualifies colleagues check the products in the different phases of processing from the incoming seeds to the edible oil. HOW CAN YOU START COOPERATION? All you need is to contact us in any convenient way and indicate the volume of sunflower oil supply. In our turn, we will tell you our prices and dates of delivery. We make a contract with every client underwrites all obligations.

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