Established in 2002, PHUNTAI & BROS PAPER FACTORY THAILAND is involved the manufacturing, production, processing, supply, export and marketing of all types of office papers, Multipurpose paper, stationery papers, copy paper, copier paper, photocopy paper, FAX paper, A4, a3 printer papers, paper 80 gsm, 70 gsm paper, 75 gr paper, 90 gsm paper, 100 gsm paper, paper one paper, double a, paper one, navigator paper, ik paper, inkjet paper, laser paper, A4 Paper, Double A4 Copy Paper, Print Paper, printing paper, Double Paper a4 papers and a3 papers. Our office copy paper are mainly designed for writing and printing, by polymerization process, fibers and particles are tightly bound in a clean paper, and can reduce the static electricity,we offer a variety of colors and sizes of clean paper, they can be used for notebooks, clean printing paper and writing paper. Our paper products have passed the SGS test, FSC test and conform to European Union standards of office papers.

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