PT Bossa Motor is a company Motorcycles Main Dealer in D.K.I. Jakarta engaged in automotive wheel 2 Two with the classification 2S Sales & Spare Parts specifically for the all brands Motorcycles. Our Mission: 1. Provide Service To be The Best To The Customers. 2. Provide Service Punctuality and Guarantee to the Customer. Our Vision: 1. Being The Best in Unit Sales More Motorcycles and Motorcycle Aftermarket Services. 2. Build a strong image as a motorcycle dealer of quality in the minds of consumers. 3. A solution and a top choice for finance companies to manage their stock motorcycles. 4. Build organizational competencies through superior processes and human resources. 5. Contribute a good profit to shareholders and welfare for employees. 6. Building a large network and solid throughout Indonesia and abroad. Work Culture: 1. Service : The spirit of serving the customer. 2. Solution : Always be part of the solution not the problem. 3. Discipline : Discipline in work. 4. Integrity : Honesty and sincerity in work. 5. Team Work : Building cooperation and communication with team.

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