Ra Vino Industries


Ra Vino Industries. Company Profile: Indigenous Cow, famous for medicinal properties of her Urine-Dung and Panchagavya Milk, Ghee, Curd, Dung and Urine , is acknowledged and well known in world today as a Divine Being. Divine, not just because a particular class believes her as a Celestial Being, but also because she imparts purifying & medicinal properties to grass & water, converting it to Dung, A2 type Milk & Urine respectively, before it is delivered out. Cow Urine is now a part of Cancer research medicines. Dung is well known for screening radiations and A2 type Milk convertible to Curd & Ghee is healthier &nourishes man kind. Collectively these 5 Derivatives namely Dung, Urine, Milk, Curd and Ghee are called Panchagavya 5 Vital Derivatives from Cow , a super formula known in Ayurveda to cure and prevent many diseases when taken internally or applied topically. Modern society, even though aware about the traditional cures and medicinal properties of these Gavyas, finds it challenging to adjust with its natural aroma and thus remains bereft of curative and therapeutic benefits of these divine Gavyas. We at Cowpathy are engaged in decoding the hidden secrets of these Gavyas, and administrating it in most captivating way where aromatherapy masks the natural aroma of Gavyas without changing its medicinal properties. All Products are made as per FDA guidelines, passes BIS norms, manufactured in GMP certified unit, Cruelty free, Dermatologically Safe, Parabens free and SLS free, organic and bio-degradable ingredients, Non-GMO, Vegan & 100% Vegetarian. Cowpathy focuses on maximum use of Dung & Urine, obtained from Indigenous cows, in every products. With each use, these primary Gavyas not only benefits the user with its medicinal properties but also becomes the cause to support the divine life when she stops giving milk or becomes old. Cowpathy supports the Cow Shelter homes and Individual who are genuinely engaged in serving Cows, by purchasing these divine Gavyas from them, hence indirectly bartering divine Gavyas against sumptuous grass, water and shelter, from the Cow. ​Brand Name- Bio Bliss Cow Product, cowpathy website: www.bioblisscowproducts.com Product Manufacturing- Skin Care,Health Care,Oral Care,hand care,home care,bath care,Diety.

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